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Elecrtrical fumigant applicator
Outlet fumigant applicator
fumigant applicator entered through the top of the hive
Interframe fumigant applicator
Certificate of registration (Patent Office of the Republic of Poland)

Electric interframe fumigator

An interframe fumigation equipment is designed for hives, which are difficult to access through the outlet. To enter the end of the device between frames, the opening in the top of the hive must be made (beams, foil, canvas paulin, jute).

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1. Enter the end of the fumigation device between the frames. .

2. It is recommended to seal the outlet (e.g. with a sponge or a piece of material).

3. Switch on the device.

4. Ignite the tablet and put it into the chimney of the fumigation equipment.

5. After burning of the tablet, switch off the device and take it out of the hive.